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Northern Illinois Offshore Club
For the common love and appreciation of powerboating
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         In Loving Memory Of Our Founding Commodore, Andy Frano
His Untimely Death Saddened Us All
He Will Be Greatly Missed





This was beautifully read by Fred at Andy’s wake:

“I am not real good at speeches. Andy was one of my closest friends. We talked everyday about everything. But he wasn't just a friend. He was the President of our Club and the leader on our boat trips. I respect people for living their lives by their own rules, Andy did that. He was the guy who would always had a smile. Julie calls him "Her Favorite Hippie". We will miss him especially this summer, him in that crazy stove pipe hat. He was truly one of a kind. I will never forget him and I will always be thankful for knowing him.

Sometimes life gets too serious, Andy helped us all see the lighter side of things. Everyone needs a friend like that. He enjoyed his life and I enjoy my life more because I knew him. I owe him a Thank You for that. When I see him again someday I won't forget to thank him.

I think I can speak for Mike & Lori when I say that we will do our best to help Stacie and Joey through this hard time. Andy would want that, and that is what we will do.

Andy if you're listening, look for some flat water for me to run my cat on when I get there. I will miss you and I will never forget your friendship. Andy, You Did It Your Way, and we loved you for it. And so "Work Whenever, Party Forever"

Amen, may God Bless and Keep You My Friend,


A Message from Mike

by Mike Lovergine

Andy Frano, creator and commodore of the Northern Illinois Offshore Club will be greatly missed by
all who knew him. His death has shocked and saddened us all. Andy was a wonderful outgoing person whose passion and dedication brought 60 plus NIOC members boating fun and adventure. Now it is time for us to build a new bridge and move on. We, as the board, will continue to run the Northern Illinois Offshore Club in the way that Andy would have wanted. Let's make Andy proud and try our best to achieve his dream of 100 plus members. Together we can make it happen.

Please join us for the memorial run held especially for Andy on 6\9\2002. Andy with his Northern Illinois Offershore Club hat, dimpled grin and Hawaiian shirt is a vision that will remain with us forever. Rest in peace-you'll always be in our hearts and our boating. You maybe gone but your saying lives on (WORK WHEN EVER, PARTY FOREVER) We are going to miss you!

from a friend

The other day someone walked up to me and said “only 45 more days till boating season”. The first thing that came to my mind was that there was no one that loved or looked more forward to boating season than Andy.

He touched the lives of everyone he met. His award winning smile and bad boy charm was hard to resist. You can’t help but smile when you remember something about a day you spent with Andy. One of his favorite quotes (and best pick up line) was “I’m the nicest guy on the chain”. The NIOC was his passion and 100 plus boat’s was the dream.

In his memory, and for his children Stacey and Joe, let’s pull together and make his Dream a reality.